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The team here at Garage Door Repair of Lodi, CA is thrilled to provide you with good quality garage door services. Our office is always open to care for your garage equipment needs. We will come out today.

Special Pricing

Our team offers special deals every week. We do our best to help you save money by offering you a discount on certain services. Please speak with our phone reps about our special deals.

Openers Need Replacing

The garage door opener is an important part of your system. Without the opener, your garage isn’t going to work automatically. As long as nothing is hindering the doors from working you can still use it manually.

When your doors don't respond to your commands, then most likely it is your opener. If you have kept the batteries changed and everything else seems to be working right, then most likely it’s the opener. There are several different openers that we can replace your current one for.

Check out the types of openers below:

  • Chain drive - this drive is noisier than the others, but it is also the most cost-effective.
  • Jackshaft - you can place this opener on the inside of your garage door or anywhere near the system.
  • Screw drive - this opener can be noisy and it is usually used in commercial garages.
  • Belt drive- this is the best option for an attached garage because of its quietness.

We can replace your opener for you.

Emergency Assistance At Any Time

When a part on your garage breaks we can come out at any time to replace it. Our office is always open to help anyone that is having problems. You can count on our emergency assistance when you need it!

Taking Care Of Lodi, California

We are pleased to provide garage door service to the Lodi community. Lodi is in San Joa quin County and is in the northern California Valley. This community continues to grow every year and currently has over 65,000 residents.

We want to welcome all newcomers to the area! Our office has put together a small list of our favorite places to visit. You can check them out below:

  • Lodi Wine & Visitor Center - enjoy fancy dining, fine wine, and tours.
  • Lodi Lake Park - you can go boating, swimming, have picnics and take part in the nature programs.
  • Oak Grove Regional Park - paddle boating, large playground area, picnic area, fishing and more.

To learn more about our community you can visit our local city page or check out the Chamber of Commerce website.

We Handle It All

Whether you need a part replaced or repaired, we got you covered. Our team is trained to handle all garage door issues that come our way. We know that it is important to our clients that their garage equipment works.

Let Us Work For You

The team here at Garage Door Repair of Lodi will come out any time of the day or night to work on your equipment. Let our team take care of your repairs. Please call us today!

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Lodi , CA 95240

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  • Monday: 12am - 11:59pm
  • Tuesday: 12am - 11:59pm
  • Wedesday: 12am - 11:59pm
  • Thursday: 12am - 11:59pm
  • Friday: 12am - 11:59pm
  • Saturday: 12am - 11:59pm
  • Sunday: 12am - 11:59pm

Payment Methods:

Cash, Check, Credit Card

To schedule an inspection by professional technician in Lodi please visit Garage Door Repair Lodi , CA